Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is specialized training to help clients address concerns in areas of sexuality.  Sexuality portrayed in the media seems effortless and continuously passionate while the reality often feels very different.

As a therapist with specialized training in EMDR and Sex Therapy my passion is to help clients work through trauma and sexual concerns – desire, pain, frequency, sexual trauma, and infidelity.  Your relationship does not have to remain sexless, pornography does not need to rule your life, and there can be healing after betrayal.

Whether you are experiencing disappointment, pain, lack of desire, or needing help recovering from abuse there is hope.

What are some of the issues addressed in sex therapy?

While each person is unique there are some common issues that come up in sex therapy.  Some of which include:

  •      Sexual desire differences
  •      Sexless marriages
  •      Pornography
  •      Sexual Abuse and Trauma
  •      Infidelity and Betrayal
  •      Erectile Dysfunction
  •      Premature Ejaculation
  •      Inability to achieve orgasm
  • And many other concerns

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