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Couples Therapy in Sugar Hill

No one is perfect. We all enter relationships with wounds, fears, and hurts.  Sometimes trying to navigate marriage with all of that leaves you feeling like you are just trying to survive.  Whether you are in a time of crisis, frustrated and feeling stuck, or needing a check up to strengthen and improve your relationship and sex life; all couples, from 18 to 80 years old can benefit from couples therapy.

What does couples therapy look like?

Each couple is unique.  My goal is to provide a compassionate environment where each person can share his or her story without judgment.  A place where things that are difficult to talk about at home can be discussed. We will meet together initially.  I will then meet with each of you individually and then future sessions will be joint therapy sessions. We will work together to help you reconnect.  It won’t happen over night, but with time and commitment your relationship can flourish!

What are some of the issues addressed in couples therapy?

Couples come to therapy with a variety of different concerns.  Some of which include:

  •      Pre-Marital Counseling
  •      Communication
  •      Feeling Distant
  •      Affairs and Betrayals
  •      Sexual Concerns
  •      Abuse and Trauma
  •      Trust Issues
  •      Parenting styles
  •      New Baby
  •      Empty Nest
  •      Strengthening the Relationship

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