Individual Therapy

Everyone has a story. And all stories face challenges.  Some are traumatic and overwhelming. Sometimes a lot of help is desired and other times you just need a little extra support.  I can help you work through the pain and equip you with the tools you need to cope with life’s challenges so you can flourish!

How does Individual Therapy work?

My goal is to provide a compassionate environment where you can share your story without judgment.  We will meet together to set therapy goals and then begin the process of working towards healing and growth.

What are some of the issues addressed in individual therapy?

People come to therapy with a variety of different concerns.  Some of which include:

  •      Anxiety and Depression
  •      Loneliness
  •      Grief and Loss
  •      Abuse and Trauma
  •      Codependency
  •      Self-Worth
  •      Recovering from broken relationships
  •      And many other concerns

    Appointment Request

    To schedule an appointment or contact me, you may use the form below, email me at, or call me at 770.927.7801.